ACE and the European Parliament for our oldtimers!

As President of ACE, I have met this morning at the European Parliament Mr. Bernd Lange, MEP (S&D) , who’s coordinating the coordinator European Parliament Historic Vehicle Group.

We discussed, inter alia, the following subjects:

  • Harmonisation of the European regulations on the matter
  • Involvement of ACE in the working groups
  • Planned and implemented restrictions to the use of “Euro 0” cars in countries such as Belgium, The Netherlands and Italy
  • Changes in the national legislation regarding taxation of oldtimers (property vs road tax, etc) and definition of oldtimers (e.g. Germany, Italy, …) which, in some cases, have replaced the previous legislation with less favourable conditions


The next meeting of the working group is currently planned for February, we’ll keep you informed and we might request for your contributions.

Happy 2015!


Massimo & Bernd

Massimo & Bernd

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