The Club

The Automotive Club EUROCONTROL (ACE) club is organised within the remit of The International Association of EUROCONTROL Staff (A.I.P.E.).

The club shall promote and facilitate the theory and practice of safe and responsible motorsport and the culture of classic and sports cars within the EUROCONTROL community and, when feasible and appropriate within the international and EU civil servants community.

The club shall establish contacts with the appropriate Belgian and International organisations governing the motorsport and classic cars activities (e.g. FBVA, RACB, etc) in order to get recognition and to provide cooperation. ¹

The club can organise occasionally events, both internal and open to the general public and coaching, in both technical and sports domain.


¹ Since 26th of November 2012 ACE is recognised member of the Fédération Belge des Véhicules Anciens (FBVA) – Belgische Federatie voor Oude Voertuigen (BFOV).

Note: for 2019 we’re reaching the limit of external applications according to Art. 3 of our Statute (maximum amount of members external to EUROCONTROL AIPE). Application received will be put on waiting list and reconsidered at later stage. Thanks for your understanding.