Report from “100 years BMW” exhibition

The exhibition run for three weeks at the end of 2016 – beginning 2017 and closed on 8 January 2017.

The models on display were several, some really interesting (M1 Procar former Stuck, March / BMW Formula 2, 1800 TISA, March / BMW GTP, motorcycles of all types, etc.) and in a great number. In fact, the spaces between a car and the other were too narrow to fully appreciate the lines of cars or taking pictures the best angles. Frustrating, but that’s usual, was also the lack of personnel who could have shown to those concerned the mechanics of the cars, as done, for example, at Porsche museum, where staff would open the cars tto those wanting to have a better look to the interiors or to the engine … we do not see why this is not possible in this type of exhibitions. Other aspects to be improved in the future are the quality of the sing with the information placed near to each model and the modern plates that were ruining the purity of the lines … could have been safely and easily removed.

The young and dynamic leadership of Autoworld must now make a decision: if they want to continue to hold exhibitions of this level, space should be freed from the permanent exhibition.

Full photo report of our visit at the exhibition here!

BMW porn

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